Central Library Of M.C. College

The central library of M.C.College, named Kameswar Das Library, well-equipped with a large number of books of different sorts, periodicals, research journals etc. has been rendering significant contributions to academic and intellectual development of students as well as teachers. The library has Open Access System. All regular students can borrow required books (four for major students, three for general students at a time) from the library as per the stipulated rules and regulations. Books thus borrowed by the students from the library are to be returned within 15 days from the date of borrowing, failing which, a fine of Rs. 0.50 per book for the first fifteen extra days, and after that, a fine of Rs. 1.00 per book per day will have to be paid. The regular affairs of the library like issue of books are computerized.

The library has separate reading rooms for students and teachers. The students’ reading room has a seating capacity of 96. It has a colour TV to facilitate the students to watch U.G.C. programmes. Compact Discs with academic content like environment etc. are shown to the students once a week.

Boys’ & Girls’ Hostel Of M.C. College

M.C. College, Barpeta runs two hostels,one for the Boys’ and the other for the Girls. Both the two hostels provides basic facilities to the borders. The Boys’ Hostel houses 45 boarders and the intake capacity of the Girls’ Hostel is 73.

Warden of M.C. College Boys’ Hostel and Girls’ Hostel-
Dr. Abani Kumar Das
Cell Phone Nos- 94353-28335

Hostel Rules

A. Admission to Hostel.
1. Students will be admitted in order of merit subject to the availability of Seats for reserved Category Students, reservation of Hostel seats will be as per Government of Assam norms students coming from a long distance location are provided hostel seats relaxing their merit criteria.
2. Application for admission to hostels shall be submitted to the warden in the prescribed application form, duty filled and signed by the students and countersigned by his/her local guardian and parent/guardian.
3. On the day of hostel admission, the parents/ local guardians/legal guardian as the case may be must be present to complete the necessary formalities.
4. Hostel accommodation will not be available to students of part time programme, such as distance education programme etc. There is no provision for family accommodation in the hostel.
5. Students who have been admitted to a hostel, have to occupy their seat as per allotment made by the Warden.
6. Students will be allowed to stay in the hostel only for the prescribed period for a degree/diploma and Higher Secondary Course. They will have to vacate the hostel after the examinations are over.
7. Any change of address of parents/guardians /local guardians/legal guardian must be intimated immediately to the Warden of the hostel
8. Mess dues must be paid in due time as fixed by the Mess Committee of the hostel. A fine of Rs. 50/- will be imposed for late payment of mess dues. A boarder failing to pay mess dues for two consecutive mess term will forfeit his/her seat.

Withdrawal of Hostel Seat:
Application for withdrawal from the hostel shall be countersigned by the father/mother/guardian and the same is to be submitted to the Warden.

Hostel Timings
Boarders should strictly adhere to the following hostel timings.
1. For Boys’ Hostel Boarders Should be back by the following times.
a. April 1st to 31st October is 7.00 p.m.
b. November 30 to 31th March is 6.00 p/m
2. For Girls’ Hostel boarders should be back by the following times-
a. 1st April to 31st October is 6.00 p.m.
b. 1st November to 31th March is 5.00 p.m.

Medical Cares
In case of illness of a boarder, the Monitor shall be immediately informed who shall inform the local guardian and parents.
1. In case of an emergency a patient (boarder) shall be admitted to FAAMCH, Barpeta by the Warden with intimation to the local/legal guardian and parents.
2. It shall be the duty of the local guardian/parents/ guardian to take care of their wards and bear all medical expenses.
3. First Aids kits will be available in the hostel and Wardens, Monitors and a few boarders will be trained in the application of first aid.
Hostel Leave Rules.
1. For seeking leave from the hostel, the boarders must apply in a plain paper. A boarder must obtain prior written permission from the competent authority before proceeding on leave. Girls students are required to intimate permission of their parents regarding their leave from the hostel. Further, they are required to obtain the signature of the parents/Legal guardians on the leave return Form and submit the same to the warden after their return.
2. Leave from the hostel for up to four (4) consecutive days shall be granted by the Warden.
3. Leave from the hostel for more than four (4) shall be granted by the Principal on the recommendation of the Warden.
4. Absence from the Hostel without permission from the Warden will be considered as an act of gross negligence and misconduct and would be liable for disciplinary action as per rules.
5. Hostels shall remain closed during the period of vacation/Semester break or any time as notified by the College authority. During such break/Vacation, boarders are to vacate the rooms of the hostel. The room key and key of the drawer and table must be deposited by the boarders to the Monitor who in turn shall deposit the same with the Warden.

Boarders are not allowed to host any guest in the hostel without the written permission of the Warden. No guest Shall be allowed to share room with the boarders unless otherwise specially permitted. The host student shall have to pay the prescribed charges for the guests. No guest shall remain in the hostel for more than 24 hours at a time.
Normally, female visitors shall not be allowed to visit Boys’ Hostel or vice-versa. However, in exceptional cases this may be relaxed by the Warden.
1. Visiting Hours
For Boys’ Hostel- 930.A.m. to 4.30 p.m.
For Girls’ Hostel- 9.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.
2. Visitors should be received in the visitors’ shed. Under Special circumstances, written permission from the warden must be obtained to take visitors.
3. Any visitor entering the hostel gate should put his/her signature and enter relevant particulars in the Columns in the Visitors’ Register kept for the purpose at the hostel entrance.

Hostel Affairs Committee Composition
1. Principal – Chairperson , 2. Vice Principal – Member, 3. Warden – Member 4. Three Senior teachers form the College – Members (At least one member must be a lady teacher) The Hostel affairs Committee will oversee the management of the hostels, and take up disciplinary matters when necessary

At both the Hostels, any kind of problems of the boarders is quickly and seriously dealt with the wardens as well as the college authority.

Canteen Of M.C. College

The Canteen of M.C.College is situated at a spacious building of 3000 sq. ft. at which around 100 nos. of students and teachers / other employees can feed themselves at a time. At the Canteen, there is separate seating arrangements for teachers / other employees of the college. The main emphasis of the canteen is to provide the students with hygienic foods ata comparatively low cost. Importance is given on maintaining cleanliness at the canteen. With a 24 hour running water facility, pure drinking water is available at the canteen at any time. There are also separate toilets for boys and firls attached to the canteen.

The canteen is maintained by the college itself through the canteen committee set up with some responsible teachers as its members.

Akshay Kumar Das Memorial Auditorium

The college auditorium is named after a famous freedom fighter Akshay Kumar Das. The auditorium, with a large, technically sound stage, spacious green room and nearly 700 seats, is equipped with light, running water, toilet etc. The facilities, required for any kind of cultural and academic activities like musical programme, drama, seminar etc., are available in the auditorium.

Seminar Hall Of M.C. College

There is a 200 seater Seminer Hall with state of the art communicaion system with.

* Separate toilet sets for Ladies & Gents.
* Lobby for refreshment.
* Facilities for oral presentation.

Playground Of M.C. College

The College playground, one of the biggest of its kind in the District of Barpeta, has sufficient playing area for holding district and state level sports events. Sports event during college week are held in the college playground.

Guest House

The College has a well equipped guest house. The Guest House has Two Rooms with attached bath and Kitchen. It also has a dormitory where more than 25 perons can stay comfortably.

Digital Classroom

The College has a world Class Digital Classroom and Video Conferencing hall. Constructed under the College Infrastructure development scheme of Govt. of Assam, this digital classroom has a seating capacity of 70 people. Equipped with Smart board, the classroom felicitates the students to listen to lectures and other programmes by the professors of different institutions.

Women Cell and Research Center

The College has a Women’s cell and research center where the female faculties can utilise their extra time for research work.

Digital Library

The digital library of the college is constructed under the College Infrastructure development scheme of Govt. of Assam. Here at a time 30 students can have access to different online journals subscribed b the college. The library is Equipped with 15 computers and one powerful online server. M.C. College is member of the NLIST (“National Library and Information services Infrastructure for Scholarly Content”) Programme . Through the digital Library the students and faculty members can access Thousands of Journals under NLIST programme.

Solar Energy Station

There is a solar energy station installed in the college by Assam State Electricity Board. This generates 25 KWs of green energy.

Arts Block

It is a combination of three buildings one of which is considered as the Heritage Building. The Buildings are divided in to different blocks to use as class rooms. Some of the classrooms are named as Kakati Hall, Bagaria Hall, Radhakanta Das Hall and P.K. Talukdar Hall in honour of past Principals and prominent donors of the college.

Science Block

This Block is a combination of two buildings. One building houses the Depts of Chemistry and Physics and the other two-storied building covers two Depertments, the ground floor is the Dept. of Zoology and the first floor is the Dept. of Botany.

All the science departments have laboratories with all essential equipments /chemicals / specimens required to deliver and demonstrate practical knowledge of science. Department of Computer Science is well equipped with 30 computers and an air conditioned laboratory.