Principal’s Message

Madhab Choudhury College, Barpeta is one of the oldest colleges of Assam. It has already completed glorious Seventy-Nine Years which began its long journey before independence. At the same time, it is marching ahead confidently to touch the golden thread of 100 years very soon. It may look old in appearance but all kinds of required changes are made internally. The stakeholders of this institution are making sincere efforts relentlessly for its modernization and beautification as well. Our main objective is to create good qualified, skilled, dynamic and responsible human resource having quality of leadership who will not hesitate to face any kind of global challenge.

Moreover, the College authority is making all its efforts to have a clean, disciplined and green campus. It is making all its efforts to ensure a campus having modern student-supporting amenities. Recently all the laboratories of the science departments are modernized with new equipment under the scheme of RUSA. The central Library is also renovated by the funds provided by RUSA. The college now is proud to have a digital library best equipped to satisfy the growing needs of the students. Soon we are going to have a state of the art science building which is funded by RUSA. Boys’ and Girls’ common rooms are upgraded and new facilities are provided. Steps are taken to enhance the seat capacity of girls’ hostel. We have also executing some plans and programs to attract students in the field of sports and in extra-curricular activities which are important for the personality development of the students. New sports facilities are created to provide ample opportunities to the students to remain fit and to develop their sports acumen. We have also been organizing seminars/workshops time to time on different socially important and relevant issues involving experts from relevant fields. We also conduct health awareness program to address some common health related problems of the Girls’ students.

Academic up-gradation of an institution is a never-ending process. We in M.C.College, as a part of that process are trying our level best for the vertical and horizontal growth of this age-old institution. Recently post graduate course is opened in the Department of Assamese. A new subject namely Sattriya Dance is introduced in undergraduate level taking into account the sattriya tradition of Barpeta. A two-year vocational course in ‘fish breeding’ is also going on under the scheme of Community College of UGC.

After all we have been making all our efforts to ensure a modern, class one environment for our student community. I hope our students will not hesitate to utilize all the resources available in our campus for their benefit.

(Dr. Prakash Sarma)


M.C. College, Barpeta