Mission & Vision

Vision :

On the verge of completing eight glorious decades in the field of higher education, Madhab Choudhury College, Barpeta now gears up to set an identification for itself as a Teaching and Research Institution. While keeping itself ever ready to embrace the newest avenues of teaching-learning, the college has also started giving a significant emphasis on inculcating a research culture in the college, which is expected to be propitious to not only the learners but also the society at large. Keeping this goal in view, the college has decided to trail a multi-disciplinary approach, which the present academic scenario of the country is in much favour of The college is eager to lift itself up to a level, in which it can provide a solid intellectual leadership.

Madhab Choudhury College, Barpeta always tries to keep itself well acclimated to the latest developments in the world of knowledge. Already dedicated towards dissemination of knowledge to the remotest part of the society, the college has its long-term goal to emerge as a strong base of knowledge. The college is also committed to parenting leaders in all the areas of human endeavour as per the demands of the society.

Situated at a culturally rich, but economically backward region, the college has set its vision to create an atmosphere in which the under-privileged can be pushed ahead.
This premier institution of higher education in Assam also fosters a vision to strengthen the ethical base among its learners, so that they can later on play a pivotal role in ingraining strong ethical values in the society.

Mission :

To attend to all the needs of the learners in accordance with their pursuits as well as the changing scenario of the higher education.

To adopt the updated modern teaching tools and methods of teaching-learning including the latest technological devices.

To create scopes and opportunities for overall development of the institution, so that it can cater to the demands as regards teaching-learning, research, innovative academic practices, leadership building and social awareness.

To inculcate among the faculty members and the learners a sense of commitment towards the cause of teaching-learning and all other matters pertaining to the institution.

To ensure optimum usage of the available resources so as to give a boost to the institution in pursuance of its goals.