Three Year Degree Course (TDC – Arts)

Admission Procedure
  • Students are admitted to TDC programmes of the college on the basis of merit. In this regards, decision taken by tEconomics, History, Geographyhe authority will be the final. For admission, candidates must apply in prescribed format by the stipulated date. The selected candidates must be present in the interview for admission, and they must produce the original copies of marksheet of H.S. or equivalent examination, certificate from the head of the institution last studied in and caste certificate (where applicable). A selected candidate must get himself/herself admitted on the date of the interview by paying the necessary fees; otherwise he/ she will forfeit the seat.
  • Applications are processed and finalised by the Admission Committee.
  • Students will collect identity cards on the date of admission.
  • If any candidate passed the H.S. or equivalent examination before the current year, helshe must enclose a ‘gap certificate’ from some competent with the admission form.
  • In case of any dispute about any matter concerning admission, the decision of the Principal will be final.
Availability Of Seats

T.D.C. 1st Semester (Arts) :

Total No. of seats in Day Shift = 350

Total No. of seats in Evening Shift = 150 (Each Subject)

Subject No. of seats in Major No. of seats in General
Anthropology : 35 160
Assamese : 40 350
English : 40 350
Economics : 40 160
Education : 35 160
History : 40 160
Geography : 25 160
Pol. Science : 40 160
Philosophy : 40 160
Computer Science : 50
Combination Of Subjects T.D.C. (Arts) Day Shift

Compulsory Subjects :

  1. General English (In The First & Second Semester Only)
  2. Modern Indian Language (Assamese) / Alternative English. (First To Fourth Semester)
  3. Environmental Studies (In The Third & Fourth Semester Only)

Important Note :

  1. The Students with major in English are not allowed to take up Alternative English. If any student with major in English does not want to study General English he / she can take up an extra subsidary subject.
  2. The students with Major in Assamese are not allowed to take up M.I.L. (Assamese).

Major Course :

Students offering a major course have to take up a Subsidiary subject from the following lists given against each major subject.

Major Subject Subsidiary Subjects
1. English Political Science, Education, History (Any two for students not taking M.I.L.)
2. Assamese Political Science, Education, History / Anthropology (Any two for students not taking Alt. English)
3. Economics Mathematics, History, Political Science, Geography.
4. Political Science Economics, History, Geography, Satriya Dance
5. Education Economics, Elective Assamese, Political Science, Anthropology, Philosophy, Satriya Dance.
6. Anthropology Political Science, Philosophy, Geography, Economics, History.
7. Mathematics Economics, Geography.
8. History Political Science, Philosophy, Geography, Economics, Satriya Dance.
9. Geography Political Science, History, Anthropology, Economics.
10. Philosophy Education, History, Anthropology, Satriya Dance.

General Course :

Students offering general course can choose any two from the following elective subjects for study.

  1. Political Science / Philosophy / Geography
  2. Education / Mathematics
  3. History / Anthropology / Elective Assamese / Economics

Only the student securing pass marks in Mathematics in Higher Secondary Examination can study Mathematics in Degree Courses.

Combination Of Subjects T.D.C. (Arts) Evening Shift

Compulsory Subjects :

  1. English
  2. Modern Indian Language (Assamese)

Students admited to the evening shift are not allowed to study any subject as Major. They are also not allowed to take up Alternative English. They can take any two subsidary subjects of the following combination for General Course.

  1. Political Science / Philosophy
  2. Education
  3. History / Elective Assamese / Economics
Fee Structure
T.D.C. Fee Structure : Session 2018 – 19 Arts Science
Admission Fee 230/- 230/-
Tuition Fee

  1. Major
  2. General
Library Fee 250/- 250/-
Development Fee 350/- 350/-
Examination Fee 250/- 250/-
Electricity Fee 400/- 400/-
Identity Card Fee 50/- 50/-
Students’ Union Fee 250/- 250/-
Magazine Fee 200/- 200/-
Student’s Aid Fund Fee 30/- 30/-
Affiliation Fee 230/- 230/-
Reg. fee (For TDC 1st yr.) Fee 420/- 420/-
Common Room Fee 30/- 30/-
Fee Of Rover, Ranger, NSS etc. 40/- 40/-
Medical Fee 20/- 20/-
Welfare Fund Fee 20/- 20/-
Faculty Dev. Fee 450/- 450/-
Seminar Fee / Skill Development Fee 250/- 250/-
Laboratory Fee

  1. Major Sub With Practical
  2. Each Elective Sub With Practical
Excursion (For Anthropology/Geography/Botany)

  1. Major
  2. General (Each Subject)
Environmental Studies Fee 40/- 40/-
Certificate Fee 50/- 50/-

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